Panorama technology offers the possibility with the use of photos to show a room/object photo realistically, interactively and three-dimensionally. To do this, it is necessary to take photos of the room or object in profile. This happens with single shots which are spliced or “stitched” together producing a panorama picture.

Thus, it is possible, to move freely in this room i.e. to turn sidewise and zoom to details forward or reverse.

Virtual tour

In a virtual tour many panorama shots are linked together with the help of hotspots so that you can move from one perspective directly to the next position. So the spaces and the relationships to each other are made clearer to the viewer.

To give orientation help in locations, it is advisable to provide a ground plan in conjunction with a virtual tour, in which the perspectives of the panoramas are drawn.

With the Flash-version, navigation is possible via mouse, arrow keys or navigation bar.
With the aid of the navigation bar, you can turn on or turn off the automatic rotation, turn the panorama, zoom and turn the hotspots on or off. Navigate on a vitual tour with the hotspots and a map.

While loading a panorama picture and changing from one shot to the next, you can see the picture to be loaded and the loading status bar. The bar shows how much of the shot which should be shown is already loaded. The picture to be loaded can be any image, e.g.a company logo.