Tokina 10-17 – Sigma 8

Why is the shaved Tokina 10-17 mm better
than a Sigma 8 mm for full-frame to take panoramas.

You can seen on the graphic below, the left images uses better the full-frame sensor.
This is a shaved Tokina 10-17 mm at 12 mm. And the right image shows the Sigma 8mm.
Red is the used area of the full-frame sensor.

shaved Tokina 10-17 at 12mm
shaved Nikkor 10,5
Sigma 8mm

Sigma gegen Tokina

Max. resolution for a 360*180° panorama with 4 shots around

Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
11000*5500 / 60,5MP

Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
9000*4500 / 40,5MP
Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
6800*3400 / 23,1MP
Nikon D700:
8000*4000 / 32MP
Nikon D700:
7000*3500/ 24,5MP
Nikon D700:
5500*2750 / 15,1MP
Nikon D800:
14700*7350/ 108MP
Nikon D800:
11000*5500/ 60,5MP
Nikon D800:
9800*4900/ 48MP

© Tobias Vollmer

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